ECO Hotel, for a holiday that respects nature

We firmly believe that defending our territory and the place where we live is the only way to prepare a better future for our sons and grandchildren

The Gran Bretagna Hotel is a tourist resort with excellent accommodation facilities recommended by LEGAMBIENTE (an Italian environmental protection association) for its care towards the environment. We try to reduce consumption in order to better your holiday and to protect the quality of the environment

1. Producing less waste

We participate in the rubbish collection and in the recycling of urban waste as for paper, glass, food, batteries and fatty oils. We prefer to use water in glass bottles or drinks contained in returnable containers, non polluting cleansing agents, returnable packaging and multiple packing products

2. Reducing water and energy supply

For the heating of water: for this reason we use several accelerators of flows for our showers and taps

3. Saving energy

Where possible, we use low consumption lamps and invite our guests to limit the amount of the laundry to be washed. We directly control the washing process thanks to an efficient internal laundry

4. Using wholesome food with no chemical substances (pesticides and fungicides)

We preferably use national and organic fruit and propose peaches cultivated in our own estate located in Bagnacavallo (RA). Every morning at breakfast we offer our guests an organic food corner where it is possible to find several organic and certified products

5. Appreciating our local traditions and local specialities

We propose many typical dishes using our fish, such as delicious fish kebabs, mixed grill, fish-fry and soups. We periodically organize a thematic dinner entirely dedicated to the traditions of our Region. We give our guests the opportunity to take part in a guided visit tour to some local wine cellars or oil mills. We underline the value of our regional wines thanks to a rich wine list and it is also possible to find some of the best national olive oils together with the balsamic vinegar

6. Suggesting our guests to travel by train instead of using their own cars

For this reason, we take part in the "Ecolabel" Legambiente campaign. We also give you the chance to use tickets for public transports. However we can also offer our guaranteed parking for those not willing to leave their cars

7. Offering free non polluting means of transport

We can provide a wide range of bicycles, including those with approved child seats

8. Controlling or reducing noise level

We have reached this target thanks to soundproof doors, the power off of noisy equipments during rest time and the invitation (for our guests and staff) to respect silence especially during the night

9. Promoting our hinterlands history, culture and traditions

For this reason we organize guided tours to local farms offering olive oil, wine, cheese and salami tasting, but also visits to Malatesta villages and castles

10. Promuovere Raising environmental awareness amoung our staff and our guests in order to spread our philosophy

This is a mission that we are facing together with all the other "Eco-hotels" of Riccione cooperating with Legambiente. We pay also attention to our guests suggestions who can help us bettering environmental protection every day